The Rock


Action / Adventure / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 66%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 86%
IMDb Rating 7.4 10 289739


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Nicolas Cage as Stanley Goodspeed
Sean Connery as John Patrick Mason
Bokeem Woodbine as Sergeant Crisp
Michael Biehn as Commander Anderson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cinemajesty 8 / 10

Best Action Movie of the 90s

Movie Review: "The Rock" (1996)

Just exiting the R-rated action-comedy "Bad Boys" (1995), Director Michael Bay took on an original screenplay by Douglas S. Cooke with ongoing support by producers Jerry Bruckheimer & Don Simpson (1943-1996) raising the budget from 55 to 75 Million Dollar in order to engage Academy-Award Winner Sean Connery as master escapist John Patrick Mason, Nicolas Cage as bio chemist Stanley Goodspeed and Ed Harris as the memorable character of U.S. General Hummel, who puts the prison island Alcatraz under siege to restore honor toward fellow Vietnam War fallen soldiers, where measures of doing the right thing turning into a area of grey, indulging the audience to consider the situation. The action scenes are of such high-visceral quality, captured in shutter speed changes, blood / guts and splintering bullets in 360 degrees views, especially in an infiltrating shoot-out scene at the sanitation bath rooms of Alcatraz.

Shot on location in San Francisco and on the infamous prison island, where easy Californian living turns for the main characters into hostile life-threatening situations on urban streets, underwater, rock and stone of Alcatraz block buildings to prevent a major bio-weapon menace targeting the whole bay area. Light-hearted character Goodspeed gets turned into a combat soldier against all odds by a fully-trained Navy seals and special addition to the infiltration team portrayed by Sean Connery's interpretation of the character of Mason, creating a mystical touch to the picture of being the man, who escaped the prison island, which benefits to the entertainment levels of "The Rock", which stands out in retrospective as daring, hard-boiled and at times fair ingredients of humor in an unless serious hyper-realistic scenario of an action-thriller for the senses.

Trageting the young adults with his R-rating, which came to the movies for motion picture entertainment in the summer of 1996, where the balance between 1980s live-action hardcore-boldness and 1990s digital-enhancements of visuals felt intact; a circumstance that with an inflation-cleaned-up ticket price of 2017 in comparison would bring a box office success of roundabout 670 Million Dollar at today's international box offices; due to shifts from overpriced live-action units to run fast-cheap digital effects factories a seldom kid in action cinema to come by nowadays.

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Reviewed by sakram 8 / 10

Good God, this movie is so not given its full right.

This movie goes action-packed from its kick-off on through its ending, it's cool and all you have to do is sit back and grab your popcorn, and watch these artistic actors do the job. And with a fine pitching at the main idea, it is not about breaking out of prison, but breaking INTO it, where the benefits collide, and there then exists "good evil" and "bad angels". Watch this movie, it is so great though being old.


Reviewed by Amy Adler 9 / 10

Outstanding action movie, with great turns by Connery, Cage, and Harris

Near San Francisco, there is the abandoned island of Alcatraz, where once serious criminals were imprisoned. Oh, tourists can take a look at the cells and amenities but no one lives there. But, a disgruntled Marine, General Hummel (Ed Harris) takes over the island by force, with a group of loyal underlings. A mostly good soldier and man, Hummel is upset that those who died or were wounded in covert operations get no compensation. His ghastly plan is to launch fatal nerve gas over San Fran if a huge fee is not paid. When the President hears of this operation, he and his staff are greatly alarmed. But, they want to stop Hummel, not negotiate. First, they contact a FBI agent who specializes in biochemistry, Stanley Goodspeed (Nicolas Cage). They want him to defuse the poisonous bombs. Since Stan's fiancée has just told him she is pregnant, this man is under great strain. More importantly, how will the military land on the island secretly and get to the rooms where Hummel and company occupy? They need an EXPERT on the island's prison so they choose the only man who ever escaped Alcatraz. He's John Patrick Mason (Sean Connery), a British agent accused of treason. Even though he escaped, Mason was recaptured and has been locked up 30 years! The idea is to offer Mason freedom in exchange for helping with the mission. Brother, they don't have a clue how honked off Mason is until the negotiations begin! Mason demands a night in a hotel room, room service, and a posh haircut. That is just the start! Will Mason and Goodspeed be able to help thwart the destruction of San Francisco's large population? This outstanding action film has non-stop thrills and a great cast. Sophisticated Connery and wacky Cage are great foils while Harris makes his character sympathetic in spite of all. Naturally the scenery in the Bay area and on the island are exemplary while the script has humor amid the very serious plot elements. Do you want to view a film with breathless action amid twists, turns, and occasional laughs? This one will ROCK your world!

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