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Vin Diesel as Riddick
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by suzzie526 3 / 10

You have already seen this movie

If this weren't another Riddick movie, I would have walked out.

If you're a huge Riddick fan, and you've already seen Pitch Black, then you've essentially already seen this movie. Except "Stay In the Light" and "Stay Out of the Light" are now "Stay Out of the Wet." There's a lot of recycled content in this movie, from the concept to the music and even some of the alien monster noises. The monsters themselves even resemble those found in Pitch Black, though without the awesomely gnarly protruding eyes.

But now Riddick has a dog. And suddenly he's concerned about right and wrong instead of being the classic anti-hero from all previous movies. Nothing is solved. Like Pitch Black, the entire movie is about him getting off a planet infested with alien monsters bent on eating him. The huge mass of predatory aliens only come out into the world when it rains, which apparently, judging from the desert-like conditions is extremely rare. Sort of like another certain planet, also desert-like, whose creatures only venture out when it's completely dark, another uncommon event.

I was surprised that Karl Urban got such high billing considering he's on the screen for about two minutes. If you were seeking resolution concerning Furya and the necromongers, forget it. Instead, you'll get Vin Diesel and his CGI canine. He almost manages to eek out a tear when it inevitably dies. A softer, kinder Riddick.

Save your $10 and just wait for the video if you HAVE to see it. But this movie was such an obvious ploy for money without regard to the Riddick series that I'm going to black it out of my memory and pretend it doesn't exist.

Reviewed by FountainPen 2 / 10


This flick got off to an extremely dull, draggy, boring start, and improved only very slightly, with a couple of bouts of heavy action & violence. I found the lead character, whom I refer to as Riddick-ulous, totally implausible and silly. I did like the machinery, the guns, and the nifty space scooters. One VERY major objection I have to this movie is the outrageously excessive use of the "F" word. No, it is NOT macho or cool to throw in an eff or an effing in almost every other sentence. I took two points off because of the obscenities. BAD writing! The female character Dahl was pretty cool. I'd liked to have seen her as the lead, instead of the rather odd "Diesel". Sorry, but I cannot recommend this flick. 2/10.

Reviewed by haroldwilson66 8 / 10

Good way of spending 2 hours

Obviously nowhere near as good as the original Pitch Black, but still a enjoyable movie.

Good action sequences, lots of cheesy dialogue and Riddick being unrealistically tough and resourceful.

Only spoiled somewhat by the poor ending - but all good fun otherwise.

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