Billionaire Boys Club


Biography / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 91%
IMDb Rating 5.6 10 6971


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Emma Roberts as Sydney Evans
Bokeem Woodbine as Tim Pitt
Taron Egerton as Dean Karny
Kevin Spacey as Ron Levin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by formationlc 3 / 10

Shameful remake

Here is another take on the story of Joe Hunt (Joseph Gamsky) by Hollywood screenwriter airheads who think they can do whatever they fancy about a story and turn it into something completely different with no regards to the truth. I even wonder if the writers took time to read Sue Horton's book (The Billionaire Boys Club) and who worked for years to get all the right details to render the story as close to reality as it was possible.. Did they even see the first version of the movie made in 1987 which is based faithfully on that book? (The movie starred Judd Nelson who played Joe Hunt in a most magnificient way ) (Strange thing actually that Mr. Nelson accepted a part in this parody of the story).This movie shows Joe Hunt as an unsure young man, one who does not have a strong personality and therefore who can barely influence anyone, much less in investing huge sums of money. The movie shows Joe Gamsky as a victim and Dean Karny being "the brain" behind everything when actually it was the other way around.

I agree that all the facts (or just about) are in the movie but everything is so twisted around that I had the feeling I was watching an entirely different story. Bottom line is the movie is a huge deception which is too bad because the young actors in it are talented .

But if you want to be entertained or at least have an idea of how things went down, I strongly suggest that you watch the 1987 version (longer, better and so much more accurate!)

Reviewed by lyhendy 9 / 10

Usual suspect feel

I really enjoyed this and loved seeing Kevin Soacey in a film again.

Superbly acted by all involved. It's a shame it's been slated at the box office.

Go see it

Reviewed by Harrison Tweed (Top Dawg) 7 / 10

Great acting, poor writing.

The entire cast performed exceptionally well, but the poor writing and major plot issues made this film miss the mark. The directing was decent but also need better editing. Still an enjoyable film based on true events, but could have been much better. It's a 7/10 from me

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